The Conversation Agency is a small agency specialising in philosophical inquiry for arts, education and cultural sector organisations. Founded and led by Ayisha De Lanerolle in 2008, the Conversation Agency has worked with over 25 clients in the UK and Spain. You can read some testimonials here

We provide the necessary conditions for effective research, conversation and dialogue in all settings:

  • a space that elicits genuine and attentive listening;
  • a contribution structure that brings all voices – from strong to tentative – into play;
  • plain jargon-free language that enables understanding;
  • a structure that opens up the channels for thorough exploration of ideas;
  • a dynamic that forges connections between different standpoints;
  • a safe but challenging space for enquiry that takes you beyond opinion and encourages experimentation with ideas;
  • the skills to generate, develop and hone ideas together;
  • a trained facilitator to ensure that all the elements are building properly.

Ayisha de Lanerolle, Director